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Rendering HTML in React

By Gopal Baskota
Published in React Js
December 31, 2020
1 min read

I ran into this problem - I needed to add an HTML string in a React application, coming from a Rich Text editor, but simply adding {myString} to the JSX was escaping the HTML.. so the HTML tags were displayed in the browser. I googled my problem and came up with two solutions.

First one is by using dangerouslySetInnerHTML . you can use dangerouslySetInnerHTML as an attribute on JSX or HTML element. You need to pass an object with _html key as a value for dangerouslySetInnerHTML .

  __html: props.blog.content

second solution is by using third party library called react-html-parser .

See the library on GitHub: https://github.com/wrakky/react-html-parser for instructions .

Which one to use?

You can third party libraries if you want to, but in the end I chose the native dangerouslySetInnerHTML way.

This dangerously-looking name was a built-in reminder to pay attention at correctly whitelisting the HTML tags I allowed the user to enter to that HTML string.


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